Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Keeping it Simple...

I have a subscription to Publishers Marketplace and I like to scroll through the deals to see what's sold in the genres that I read and write.

Personally, I feel like, perhaps, we've lost an appreciation for simplicity. Have you seen the movie WENDY AND LUCY with Michelle Williams? It's such a wonderful, yet quiet film. She's such a lovely actress, I adore her movies. How about THE KING OF KONG? A documentary about Steve Wiebe who tries to set the new high score in Donkey Kong. Or HELVETICA? Who knew fonts could be so funny?

I'd like to see more unique stories in literature that don't have a million crazy things going on in the plot with characters whose names I can't pronounce. I'm not asking for those stories to go away, I'm just asking to see more realistic fiction with fresh and compelling stories.

A simple song that comes to mind is Otis Redding's song SITTIN' ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY. There's not much to the lyrics, but that song says SO much while saying so little.