Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Work Available

Will be finishing up the edits on a contemporary YA I've been working on for years. It started as a book and then I finished as a screenplay in the Professional Program in Screenwriting through UCLA. The screenplay placed in the Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, Page International Screenplay Competition, Story Pros competitions amongst others.

The Mine


A group of teens from the wrong side of the tracks set out on a journey to find the Lost Dutchman Mine and come face-to-face with death in an attempt to change their lives.  Goonies meets Stand by Me (The Body) meets The Long Walk.

First Page:

Chapter One

The Plan

Range Benson was my only friend lucky enough to not live in the Sunset Mobile Home Park. Instead his family lived in a farmhouse littered with rusting cars, surrounded by a tall metal fence, with a sign out front that said “Beware of Dog”. Range’s house had an abandoned trailer in the back that was wired for electricity. Range’s dad bought one of those portable air conditioners they sell next to the paint at Walmart. The trailer was supposed to be a workshop. We all got lucky when it turned out Range’s dad didn’t like to work.
            There were four of us who hung out in that trailer with the air conditioning running full blast when it got too hot to hang outside. If you counted Cory Tell there were five, but no one counted Cory. Cory had one eye, an odd disposition, and three fingers on his right hand. It wasn’t that those three things were related to each other, it was just the facts. Whenever he spoke people feigned deaf. I guess I took pity on him and that's why I allowed him to follow us around like he was part of the group even though we all knew he wasn't.
            The trailer had a table for playing cards and a small refrigerator that Range’s mom kept stocked with no-name grape soda. There was a TV on a table against the wall and an old couch that probably should have gone to the dump parked in the middle of the floor.  Every time I sat on that couch it made my skin crawl. That couch was so infested with bugs that if you looked close enough, you could see them jumping off the couch ready to pock up your skin.
            We didn’t allow girls in our club, but sometimes Jewel Carter showed up wearing a tube top with no bra, her boobs like two headlights shining out at us. The guys blamed me for the fact that a girl was allowed to infiltrate our group but we all knew she didn’t have anywhere else to go.
            The trailer was our respite from the outside world, a place where we could hang and escape a world where people like us are invisible. That trailer was the only place where we felt like we belonged.

            The trailer was always the place our group hatched out our best laid plans.

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